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We will go the extra mile to make sure all our customers’ dehumidification service needs are met promptly in a professional way that takes into account that time waits for no one. Because we understand the urgency of some situations, we are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide our customers with a quick response selling time for drying equipment, service, and rentals across the US.

Wade Lauhan

Since 1999, co-founder of First Choice Equipment Sale & Service, Wade Lauhon has earned his place as a trusted expert for large desiccant dehumidifier and small portable equipment repair.  Wade’s expertise in the field of desiccant dehumidifiers is well-known and respected by industry professionals.  As a dependable and trustworthy provider of restoration equipment, Wade’s technical knowledge and innovation solutions, are recognized by professionals nationwide.

“Do you need equipment immediately at a moment’s notice? Have a question setting up a desiccant at 9 pm on a Friday night? Then Beth and Wade at First Choice Equipment are the ones to call. Excellent service and valuable advice are what we can expect every time we call.” – S. Warner

Wade travels across the U.S. answering calls from NASA to the GM manufacturing plant. This family-owned business includes their passion for the sport of rodeo and traveling with their two children, Lane & Lindee.  Never missing a beat when working with a customer’s schedule or emergency, Wade is ready to tackle an urgent situation to find the right solution.

Beth Hinton

As a rodeo enthusiast, Beth has always been at the heart of her family’s horse and training for competition, supporting their children Lane and Lindee as top performers in rodeo.

Beth Hinton co-founded First Choice Equipment Sales and Service concentrating on offering the best customer service dedicated to advising you about how to calculate just the right amount of restoration your project will need. Always ready to answer a call, Beth offers personal attention because she understands the urgent nature of damage and loss.

In this joint venture, building the company and keeping up with trends and changes in the technology of restoration equipment, Beth has the unique ability to provide the right answers for your restoration questions.

The Best Choice for Water Removal and Drying Equipment is First Choice

We sell quality products by Phoenix, Stulz, and Titan. First Choice Equipment Sales and Service is the leading supplier of desiccants, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air movers, and other high quality restoration equipment. Professionally manufactured restoration equipment is designed for technically complex application and critical requirements in both industrial and commercial markets throughout the state of Colorado and the U.S.

How to calculate what size desiccant dehumidifier unit you need

Desiccant Dehumidifiers work by taking wet air and changing it into dry air. This air exchange rate is measured in C.F.M. units (cubic feet per minute). To determine what size desiccant dehumidifier you will need, convert the area or room(s) into cubic feet.

Measure the area width and length by feet, multiply length by width of the area then the total is multiplied by the height from the floor to the ceiling. The final figure will equal the cubic footage of the space.

Example: The space in the diagram is 12 ft. x 10 ft. with the ceiling height of 9 ft.

 100 ft
x 40 ft
4,000 square feet
x 10 feet
40,000 cubic feet

Your goal is to have 2 to 3 air exchanges of the air in that space for one hour.

Since our example has a total of 40,000 cubic feet, and we are looking for 3 air exchanges per hour, take the 40,000 cubic foot figure and multiply by 3.

40,000 square feet
x 3 air exchanges
120,000 cubic feet
Air volume that is moved in 1 hour

Then take the 120,000 cubic feet and divide it by minutes (1 hour = 60 minutes). The answer will give you the size in cubic feet per minute (cfm) of the desiccant dehumidifier you will need.

120,000 cubic feet
60 minutes = 2,000 c.f.m
Using a 2,000 c.f.m. desiccant dehumidifier
will accomplish drying for the space